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Experienced multidisciplinary graphic designer with a demonstrated history of working in the UI design and advertising industry in various countries including Istanbul and Los Angeles. Skilled in user interface design, typography, photography, editorial design, branding, and advertising. Recently graduated with a Master of Arts (MA) degree on the school of graphic design.

For a year, Efe was a part of a startup company located in Los Angeles as the senior designer. Before coming to the United States, he has worked in 4 different creative agency back in Istanbul, all various fields for him to experience and discover. From advertising to marketing, web design to print design, from custom bookbinding to beginner level of motion graphics, Efe is very is a very multi-purpose designer and a good communicator with the language.

- Branding

- User Interface Design

- User Experience Design

- Book & Magazine Design

- Brand Creation

- Web Design

- Print Design

- Art Direction

- Photography & Editing

- Video Editing