Our objective to create this project started to listen to a radio show called, This American Life by Ira Glass. After listening many different topic, we choose one to express our typography skills into a book. Our teacher, Tim Carpenter has led our class to discover and express our skills with a big project. We listen to many different sections of the radio show; This American Life, to find the best-suited one for us.


I came up with a session about a mental illness called The Voice Hearers. It immediately grabbed my attention to reflect sounds in to typography. When I heard the crazy voices, I decided to work on this project. My solution to these grim and manipulative voices was to use glitch technique to reflect the inner damage of a person that lives this schizophrenic state of mind. Working close with my instructor, we also came up to the idea of using glitches as a typographic expression inside the book as well. As an extra for the book, I also designed and put a sound card inside the book, when you open the cover, it starts to simulate the crazy sounds that voice hearers experience.